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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  February 20, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good morning i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. thank you for joining us on
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this wet president's day. good morning. let's take a look at live doppler. heaviest radar returns are around hollister, salinas towards soledad this is going to continue moving from us. let's move in on with what is happening. just scattered light rain across 280 from castro valley towards hayward even dublin seeing a little. just to the south los altos possibly near atherton. the bay looks quiet until you get to san ramon, alamo. north bay quiet also. we have an area of low pressure spinning northeast another batch of showers could develop for the morning. we'll keep an eye on that after that 70s. here's katie with more news and eric. 4:31. right now in the news, oakland
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police have cordoned off the area around the 2100 block of 62nd after an officer shot and wounded a suspect. amy hollyfield is live at the oakland police department. >> reporter: police are trying to sort through why this happened. they haven't said why the officer shot at the man. they did say the man was armed with a gun. this happened about 11:30 last night in the 2100 block of 62nd avenue. police say someone was robbed. police did make a vehicle stop. the passenger in that car ran away. they say that passenger had a gun and that is the man who police shot. that man is expected to survive. in the hospital in stable condition. no police officers were hurt. that is what police have told us so far. we have a few more questions. we know they are working
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through this. we hope to hear from them later this morning. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we are following developing news near the richmond-san rafael bridge the coast guard has spent all night searching after getting reports that two boats collided and several people were thrown into the water. investigators are saying little. they confirm they are searching. early reports said as many as four may be in the water one clinging to a bridge. the search involved a helicopter and half a dozen boats. it has been scaled back. we will continue to follow the story. the upper deck of the oakland bay bridge is open, more than 24 hours ahead of schedule. sergio is live at the toll plaza, what happened? >> reporter: it was pretty good weather that helped out caltrans workers. this was scheduled to be a
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three-day project for repaving and demolition work. caltrans workers say it was sunny days this weekend that helped out. after a few odds and ends were wrapped up before 7 p.m. last night the first rush of cars were allowed through and then finally over the fully reopened upper deck. for drivers the newly paved stretch is a sink s-curve. chp officers warning -- drivers to take it easy. much of the work was completed by sunday morning which allowed them to open more than a day and a half ahead of schedule. welcome news for drivers. >> they began paving and utility work that needed to be done. with we had to wait before -- we had to wait before that was done before we could do the
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striping. >> i'm grateful for them working so hard and getting it done early. i know a lot of people had been affected by it with the president's day weekend. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge got the biggest crush of drivers. drivers saw delays of more than an hour saturday, sunday afternoon and evening in both directions. you can see at the oakland bay bridge traffic reopened that is a big relief for people dreading to go around on this president's monday morning. good news for drivers driving into the city. i'm sergio quintana, abc7 news. 4:35. federal and local authorities are investigating a midair coll application near the contra costa county border. luckily the pilots of both aircrafts were able to walk away. a chopper crashed in the field
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the plane ended up short of the byron airport. tomas ramon has more. >> reporter: you can see the robinson helicopter involved. it is sitting eight miles south of the airport. it crash landed in a feel near highway 160 by sherman island. authorities say they collided near the airport he have at 7 p.m.. >> i believe -- our paramedic spoke with the hospital doctor initially she didn't want to go to the hospital. the doctor i believe got on the phone and spoke with the patient and talked her into going just to get checked out. >> reporter: the pilot managed to shut off the fuel system before landing which may have prevented a fiery crash. the plane made a forced landing short of the southeast end of the run the pilot of the plane also walked away with minor injuries.
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the sheriff says a small portion of the investigation will be done by his office because the plane landed here. >> we will be documenting what occurred here and the deputies will make contact with the pilots et cetera the accident itself occurred in noncontra costa county air space. >> reporter: they are -- crews safely secured tons of steel left dangling high above san francisco's financial district. a crane was hanging off the side of the former bank of america building yesterday afternoon. the crane broke leaving the box with six tons of steel dangling above traffic. police cleared out the onlookers and shutdown several streets. crews had to use a manual
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crank to lift the box to the roof. suspect in berkeley's second murder of the year will be arraigned wednesday. police received a call saturday night describing a suspicious person trespassing. a homeowner confronted the suspect and told him to leave. moments later the homeowner went outside again and was attacked. responding officers arrested a man nearby who fit the suspect description. >> they went over to detain this man without incident he was positively identified by witnesses as the homicide suspect. >> the homeowner died at a local trouble center. his name has not been released. protesters are calling for a national occupy day in support of prison inmates today. in the bay area hundreds are planning to hold a rally southside san quentin prison at noon. they want to give a voice to pin mates and abolish -- to
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inmates and abolish what they call -- there will be traffic controls in effect on several streets. officials are warning the protest could slow traffic. california state university professors who went on a one day strike to protest state budget cuts last fall will be getting paid for that day. the san francisco chronicle reports 400 faculty members from cal-state east bay took part in the one-day walk out november 17th. the chancellor says they didn't have the money for a full into who had worked. and it would be unfair to dock the pay of only those who admitted to go on strike so everyone gets a pass. gas prices have never been higher this time year. nationally prices are up a quarter since the start of 2012 to $3.53 in california
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over $4. overnight prices spiked to a nine-month high. >> reporter: gas prices have shot way up! >> wow! impressive. >> reporter: the cost of gas hit its highest price ever for president's day weekend causing big pain at the pump. >> they are getting ridiculous. i suppose they have been for a while but it seems to be getting higher and higher. it is crazy. >> don't like it. [ laughing ] >> i don't like it but what you can -- can you do? >> reporter: $3.45 texas, new york, 3.85. >> it used to take about $30 now it takes $50. >> reporter: over the past month prices have soared 18 cents a gallon. economists predict the national average could reach
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$425 by late april and nearly $5 by memorial day. >> a lot of prices will be fewed to the economy. -- >> reporter: if a new concern that could make it worse, iran is halting oil exports to france and britain as a preemptive strike for the european union's tough new sanctions. gas prices could be an an election issue. some are looking for ways around buying gas. >> i should have got a scooter. >> reporter: tahman bradley, abc7 news. 4:41. >> time for a look at the weather forecast. it has been wet overnight. how long will the showers be with us? >> probably 10:00, noon to be safe. by 9:00 the better chance is
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moving on. san francisco across [ unintelligible ] by far the best radar returns around san ramon, dublin out of pleasanton and livermore along 680 through the sunol grade. across the altamont pass down into altamont and livermore where we are seeing the best radar returns. visibilities unlimited with the rain not any fog to be concerned about temperatures warmer from 1 to 11°, antioch one degree cooler. 8:00 this morning scattered showers mostly cloudy temperatures in the mid to upper 40s mild this morning. as we head towards noon clouds dissipate showers start to dry temperatures hit low to mid 50s for the lunch hour in the afternoon clouds continue to dissipate and temperatures hit the mid to upper 50s for your afternoon. we look at the seven day
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forecast check out some of those low to mid 70s as the warmth peaks above average thursday slightly cooler over the weekend, all seven days after this morning will be dry. good morning. i wanted to show new nice shot of the incline section of the bay bridge everything reopened last night traffic light, a lot of folks have today off. roads are damp and slick live shot of the golden gate bridge be extra careful it is fine now in and out of san francisco in the south bay we'll check out the quiet commute as well there's a few headlights making their way northbound on 280, 17 out of the santa cruz mountains. if you are taking mass transit today bart still running their extra overnight service for limited stations. for the rest of the day they will resume saturday schedule. ac transit, trans bay service resumed across the bay bridge,
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extra ferry service continues from the east bay. muni will be running on a saturday schedule for the holiday. all of us who had a plan b, toss it out. still ahead, nuclear inspectors arrive in right ran for a meeting. rising resistance in syria rebels go on the offensive
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ag good morning. 4:46 on this monday president's day. you are looking live at a picture from our rooftop camera towards the embarcadero, ferry building and the bay bridge which we thought was going to be closed, the upper deck, but caltrans finished their work very early. it is wide open this morning. keep that in mind throw out
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plan b and ride the bay bridge into work. egypt is now the latest in a series of arab countries to withdraw its ambassador in damascus in protest of the syrian government's brutal crackdown against protesters e 23 were killed yesterday in attacks by syrian forces. claims that syrian presidential assad's regime lashed out over the killings of a state prosecutor and judge. >> u.n. nuclear inspectors arrived in tehran this morning the latest push to hold talks with iranian officials over concerns that iran is developing nuclear weapons. iran denied those charges. similar trip last month produced no results. u.s. and are urging israel to give sanctions time to work with.
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carnival -- carnival fever continues in bra little. -- in brazil. the parade started yesterday at dusk and ends at dawn. 4:48. coming up the wedding her family feared they would never see. elizabeth smart gets married. free concert at the beach to honor the man who brought wildly popular bluegrass festival to san francisco. x eeçkçkçkçkçk
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let's take a look at what is going on across the country.
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mid to upper 40s seattle, portland, new york, washington everybody else in the 50s and 60s, miami 76°. all airports on time. minor snow around denver not causing delays. the rain we have here that is leaving us for now is not causing delays either. check out our flight tracker any time you travel those conditions could change,, at the bottom. 4:51. whitney houston is in her final resting place the singer was buried yesterday at a private service in westfield, new jersey beside her father. dozens of fans gathered outside the cemetery to pay their respects. >> i love her music, all of it. not only did she just sing that music, she sung gospel music before and we would listen to her gospel music yesterday and then more of her good music. >> a memorial service was held saturday at houston's childhood church in newark.
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thousands turn out in ocean beach for a free concert honoring the life of san francisco philanthropist warren health man. -- warren hellman. >> he founded the annual hardly strictly bluegrass festival in golden gate park he decide in december at age 77. his band along with festival favorites performed a tribute to him yesterday. former teenaged kidnap victim elizabeth smart is now a married woman she is 24-years-old and a senior at brigham young. she was kidnapped at knife point in 2002 when she was 14 and held for nine months before her rescue. she got married over the weekend to matthew gilmore of scotland. it is 4:52. wet out there as you hit the roads.
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>> wasn't a lot of rain enough that i found some pounding. >> i heard the downpour when it hit. >> some areas it did hit harder than others variable conditions this morning. notice the flags on buildings as we look down the embarcadero towards the ferry building rather quiet. towards the middle parts of the week winds started to pick up especially in our hills why we are going to see temperatures push to mid to upper 70s as we head through the middle parts of the week. today coolest day in the forecast. snow winding down in the seer remark scattered showers heading to our south, more developing to our north. i can take the scattered showers out of the forecast -- i can't take the scattered showers out of the forecast until noon. three highlights, afternoon clearing still cooler than
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average warming trend tomorrow through friday it will be cooler friday this weekend it will stay dry. good news, kind of bad news however you look at it. three degrees warmer in san francisco 56, oakland, san jose, one degree cooler. almost 11 hours of sunshine today. it is possible we won't get all of it we'll still have clouds during the morning. look how we turn partly cloudy in the afternoon mid to upper 50s in the monterey bay as you head inland partly sunny sky, temperatures in the upper 50s to 60 in gilroy around the state chasing showers to our south that will fall apart in big sur, fresno, mid 60s around l.a., san diego, a few sprinkles around san diego. up to tahoe, clearing trend 42 this afternoon. tule fog in the central valley
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tonight8i fog throughout the by special -- especially into the north bay valleys. most of us will be in the 40s toe -- tonight still mild this is our last year of -- last disturbance that will bring the chance of showers the next couple of hours. look how quickly they dissipate by noon increasing sun in the afternoon nice afternoon to be outside, as we head overnight, some clouds fill in our lower elevations by tomorrow afternoon, a lot of the sun, temperatures tomorrow eight degrees warmer than today. that will put us in the low 60s at the coast, mid to upper 60s elsewhere, run of 70s, wednesday, thursday, friday coast mid to upper 60s we'll be back in the 60s saturday and sunday but it looks dry now. hope you have a great holiday. is it light out there? >> it is holiday light now.
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beautiful shot of traffic moving westbound across the bay bridge everything reopened last night. city streets were quiet this weekend in san francisco with the closure but keep in mind if you are heading into san francisco today you still need to pay for those meters. here's a live shot of 680 walnut creek, easy ride heading southbound on the right leitner the northbound direction. mike -- mike was talking sprinkles and light rain through the san ramon valley, nos did reported. i want to take -- no accidents reported in that area. i want to take you to the waze traffic app, a few commuters on 101 heading towards 101 in novato. we don't have any major slow downs around the bay area because it does tell you where things are slow you turn on this free app and it shares your speeds with other drivers and you can get more about this traffic app by going to
4:57 am 4:56. a reminder oscar sunday is less than a week way. you can get in on all the action right now by going to you can even predict the winners. you can download the exclusive oscar app for iphone or ipad it will give you live video from the red carpet as well as back stage. you can get all the information on the academy awards on twitter. next, it is all the rage now there's growing concern over a hot new caffeine craze why it has government's attention. >> reporter: top deck of the bay bridge reopens more than a day head of schedule. details coming up live. rethinking the parking plan the complaints that are sending san francisco back to the drawing board.
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